Application: Production of colloidal silver  What is colloidal silver?   Colloidal   silver   is   made   of   extremely   small   silver   particles.   A   silver      colloid particles is about 60,000 times smaller than a red blood  cell. How long will the silver electrodes last?   For   about   5,000   liters   of   Colloidal   Silver   (50   ppm).   The   electrodes      are   gradually dissolving.   The   silver   wires   are   supplied   with   high      purity,   ie   consist   of   99.99% silver, 2mm in diameter, 90 mm long,  hardened (do not bend so easily).  What water should I use?  The   purest   colloidal   silver   is   made   with   distilled   water   (purified      water   from   the pharmacy),   but   also   reverse   osmosis   filtered    water   will   work.      The   purer   the water,   the   smaller   the   current,   the   smaller   the   colloid   particles,   the   greater   its     surface    area    and    their    (antibacterial)    effect.    But    many    report    excellent effectiveness of even mere tap water. Should I stirr or heat the water? Heating   increases   the   conductivity   and   thus   the   electrolysis   process.   Stirring helps   to   avoid   particle   clumping   in   the   conductive   particle   cloud   between   the electrodes.   Only   distilled   water   should   be   heated   (30-80°   C),   if   time   matters. The miniSilver is powerful enough to give good results at room temperature. How should I store colloidal silver?  Protect   it   from   light,   but   don’t   store   it   in   the   fridge.   It   is   preferable   to   use   freshly produced silver. Which mA (Amperage) should be used? Another   source   states   that   the   best   colloidal   silver   is   made   by   using   an   electrode (anode)   current      of   0.15   mA   /   cm 2 . The   surface   of   the   2*90   mm   rod   (as   used   with the   miniSilver®   colloidal   silver   generator)   is   5.6   cm 2 ,   that   is   around   5   cm 2    in water,   which   would   require   a   constant      current   of   0.75   mA.   The   Secondly   it   is best   to   limit   the   concentration   of   the   colloid   at   any   point,   so   it   is   best   to   stir    it   as well. Which ppm concentration works best?   Opinions   differ   greatly.   We   think   10   ppm   are   sufficient.   More   than   15   ppm   are said to tend to clumping of colloids and silver ions.  How can I measure the ppm concentration?  Because   colloids   are   electrically   non-conductive,   they   can   only   be      measured optically.   If   you   use   a   ppm   meter ,   you   can   determine   only   the   80-85%   silver ions,   which   are   always   produced   simultaneously   with   colloids . The   ppm   of   all silver   particles   (ions   and   colloids)    would   therefore   be   calculated   as   [final   ppm reading   -   initial   ppm   reading]   *   1.2.   The   ppm   of   the   colloids   alone   would   be   [final - initial] * 0.2. Can I determine the concentration by taste? Sure!   10   ppm   taste   slightly   bitter.   We   recommend   that   you   go   by   the      taste,   if you   don’t   have   a   ppm   meter   (it   should   simply   slightly   metallic,   noticeable,   but   not too strong). Can I measure the particle size of colloids?   With   a   laser   pointer,   even   light   smoke becomes   visible.   The   Tyndall   Effect   is caused    by    reflection    of    light    by    very small     particles     in     suspension     in     a trasnparent   medium.   It   will   increase   to the      third      power      of      particle      size (measured   in   nm   =   nano   meter)   for   any given   concentration,   so   a   weaker   beam indicates      smaller      particles.            The brightness   of   a   laser   beam   in   a   solution   of   1   ppm   /   10   nm   is   100   times   higher, compared to 10 ppm / 1 nm, although it has 10 times lower ppm! It   is   generally   accepted   that   only   clear   to   light   gold   silver   colloids    have particle   sizes   small   enough   to   be   effective.   Ionic   silver   has   an   absorption   band   in the   uv,   and   thus   is   virtually   clear.   As   more   atoms   aggregate   into   a   particle,   the absorption   band   moves   from   the   uv   into   the   violet,   blue,   green,   yellow,   orange and   red.   Since   the   color   of   a   substance   is   the   complement   of   the   color   absorbed colloidal   silver   will   go   from   clear   to   very   light   yellow,   gold,   orange,   red,   blue   and green.   Colloids   that   contain   a   broad   range   of   sizes   can   absorb   wavelengths across the spectrum resulting in brown and black. Does it need a separate control electronics?  Not   really.   The   purpose   of   additional   electronics   is   primarily   the   increase   of voltage,   and   the   miniSilver®      has   it   already   integrated   in   the   switching   power supply.   Although   the   miniSilver   does   not   provide   a   constant   current   control,   this is   not   necessary,   because   even   with   an   exponential   increase   in   conductivity,   you get   sufficiently   good   results,   if   you   stop   the   process   in   time   (only   slight   milky particle   clouds   visible).      Our   philosophy      is   to   keep   devices   simple   and   yet affordable. See the Parapulser®  or miniZAP® . or purZone®
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Kleinster Generator für kolloidales Silber in 24 und 50 V.
Advantages of mini silver®  Can be used with all levels of silver bars and gold bars  (because he has alligator clips) fits in the smallest bag (it can be operated from 110 to  240 V). is capable with its 24 V output voltage at 200 mA,  using distilled or reverse osmosis-filtered water 5 ppm,  10 ppm, 25 ppm or even 50 ppm silver concentration  to produce in less than an hour. If there is to go faster, we recommend the 50 volt  version. This presupposes pure water! Delivery content: 1 switching power supply (100-240 V, 200 mA) at 24 V / 50 V output voltage and measuring 5 cm x 6 x 3 Weight:  30 g 2 silver rods (cured, 99.99% purity) in protective tube 1 acrylic holder, suitable for narrow bottlenecks, but also for larger containers. 1 user manual  1 storage bag.
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